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Telight LiveCodim

Turn Your Microscope to Superresolution

  • easily adaptable for inverted fluorescence microscopes  
  • resolution down to 90 nm!  
  • patented conical diffraction beam shaping
  • linear, quantitative, with minimal photobleaching

From conventional to super-resolution microscopy

LiveCodim is a universal, super-resolution imaging platform, designed to interface with any standard fluorescence microscope. It is the solution for live imaging with high resolution and low phototoxicity.

Telight LiveCodim

Conical diffraction beam shaper

In 2006, Gabriel Y. Sirat demonstrated that conical diffraction can be used as a practical tool to shape optical beams, and suggested creating a versatile beam shaper and apply it to super-resolution fluorescence microscopy.

A thin biaxial crystal transforms the Point Spread Function (PSF) of a regular incident beam into an extensive family of light distributions, the choice of the distribution being controlled by the input and output polarizations.

Since 2019 BioAxial goes on with development as a part of Telight group.

Practically, beam shaping is achieved by enclosing the biaxial crystal between controllable polarizers; this simple optical set-up, similar to a polarimeter, has the ability to switch from one pattern to another pattern with a different topology in microseconds – or even faster. In addition, these patterns are perfectly co-localized, as they produced by the same primary optical beam.

The LiveCodim is used in many different fields including

Cancer research, Drug toxicity, Super-resolution microscopy, stem cells, immunology, migration studies, cell death, cell cycle, plant biology, cell-cell interactions, virology, ...



Dimensions and compatibility
  • 572 mm x 447 mm x 137 mm
  • Inverted Stand from Zeiss, Leica,
  • Nikon and Olympus
  • Universal OME-TIFF File format
  • Photometrics Kinetix
  • 95% peak QE
  • 1.2 electrons rms read noise at standard scan
LED Illumination
  • CoolLED PE4000 (16 wavelengths from 365 nm to 770 nm)
Laser lines
  • Violet 405 nm
  • Blue 488 nm
  • Green 561 nm
  • Red 640 nm


  • Widefield with epifluorescence
  • Virtual pinhole confocal microscopy
  • Quantitative 5D live-imaging
  • Conical diffraction super-resolution microscopy (CODIM)
Software features
  • Automated adaptative SR image processing
  • Fast switching of acquisition mode (Widefield – Confocal – SR CODIM)
  • Guided calibration wizard
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface
Achievable resolution
  • 2D 120 nm (Rayleigh)
  • Confocal axial resolution
Field of view
  • Confocal mode: 80 × 80 µm without stitching
  • SR CODIM mode: 50 × 50 µm without stitching
Imaging Colors
  • 4 laser line in standard (extra line up to request)
  • Standard sample preparation workflow


Objective requirements (for maximum resolution)
  • 60/63 x 1.4 (or more) NA (oil immersion) – provided upon request
Microscope Stand requirement
  • Right or Left Port C-Mount Compatible Inverted
  • Stand From Zeiss, Leica, Nikon or Olympus
  • Back-Port for LED Illumination
  • Automated XYZ Stage
  • Recommended: Hardware autofocus system (Zeiss DF, Nikon PF, Leica AFC, Olympus IMS)
  • Automated Filter cube Turret
Optical Table