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Auto 1000 Cell Counter - Cell Count and Imaging Cytometry

Cellometer Auto 1000

All-in-one, touch-screen cell counting instrument for accurate, automated trypan blue cell viability.

The Auto 1000 utilizes bright field imaging to quickly and accurately identify and count individual live cells and dead cells stained with Trypan Blue. Cell count, concentration, diameter, and % viability are automatically calculated and reported in < 10 seconds.

We recommend the Auto 1000 if you want to count culture cells with little debris or other impurities. For primary cells we´d rather use the Cellometers with fluorescence capabilities, e.g. the Auto 2000, K2, or Spectrum.

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Cell counts for culture samples

Viability based on trypan blue

Size distribution

Debris exclusion



The Cellometer Auto 1000 is a convenient all-in-one system.
The built-in computer can be lined to a network via USB cable
or a USB drive can be used to automatically save counting data.

The large 10″ Auto 1000 touch-screen enables simple operation
and user-friendly visualization of cell morphology and counted cells.
Easily select saved assays with optimized counting parameters for specific cell types.