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Auto 2000 Cell Counter - Cell Count and Imaging Cytometry

Cellometer Auto 2000

The Auto 2000 is the universally flexible workhorse Cellometer for cell count and viability of primary cells in complex samples containing debris and red blood cells. It comes with the practical touchscreen for minimum lab space consumption.

The Auto 2000 utilizes bright field imaging and dual-fluorescence imaging to quickly and accurately identify and count individual cells. Cell count, concentration, diameter, and % viability are automatically calculated and reported.

The Cellometer Auto 2000 is specifically optimized for analysis of primary cells from peripheral blood, cord blood, bone marrow, and other complex samples for use in a wide range of research areas, including:

  • Nucleated Cells for Transplantation
  • PBMCs for Immunology
  • Splenocytes for Vaccine Development
  • Stem Cells for Cellular Therapy
  • Tumor Cell Suspensions for Oncology

Dual-color fluorescence allows for staining of live and dead nucleated cells, generating accurate viability results even in the presence of debris, platelets, and red blood cells. Accurate analysis of both ‘messy’ and ‘clean’ samples enables the Auto 2000 to evaluate samples at a variety of points throughout sample processing – from initial collection to separation, to cryopreservation.

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Bright Field

  • Cell Line
  • Cultured Primary Cells
  • NCI60 Cancer Cell Lines
  • Trypan Blue Viability
  • Cell Size Assay

Fluorescence Assays

  • Dual Fluorescence Viability (e.g. AOPI)
  • Low Concentration Cell Lines
  • Primary Cells (Messy Sample)

Specific Cells

  • Insect Cells
  • WBCs in Whole Blood
  • PBMCs
  • Splenocytes
  • Stem Cells
  • Adipocytes

Cell-Based Assays

  • GFP Transfection



  • Cellometer Auto 2000 Instrument with integrated computer and
    touch-screen and dual-fluorescent optics
  • Cellometer Software
  • Two USB 2.0 ports
  • Power Supply
  • Ethernet port
  • Phone/online applications support during set-up


Imaging Performance:

Cell Size: 5 – 300* microns
Conc. Range: 105 – 107 cells/mlBright field imaging, fluorescent imaging
and pattern-recognition software to quickly and accurately decluster, identify and count individual cells.

*Cellometer CHT4-PD300 Slides are required for cells > 80 microns in diameter


Instrument Specifications:

Weight: 26 lbs. (11.8 kg)

  • Width: 11.1″ (28.3 cm)
  • Depth: 12.8″ (32.4 cm)
  • Height: 13.4″ (34.0 cm)

Input to Power Adapter: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.5A

Output to Instrument: 12 VDC, 7.5A



  • 10.4″ touch screen


Fluorescent Optics:

Excitation / Emission: 470 nm/535 nm

Example Fluorophores: Acridine Orange (+DNA), Calcein AM, CFDA, SYTO® 9, SYTO® 13

Excitation / Emission: 540 nm/605 nm

Example Fluorophores: Propidium Iodide, Ethidium Bromide