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InCellis - The Smart Cell Imager
  • Modern day Cell Microscopy at a touch of your finger
  • 3 touches to publication quality
  • Unique low light CMOS colour sensor
  • Embedded cell culture applications and quantifications
  • Up to four fluorescence channels
  • True coloured tissue slide images

What you used to know as your good old fluorescence microscope has turned smart with Bertin´s InCellis Smart Cell Imager.  

For the quick look at your cells the InCellis is a Tool for every cell biology lab.
Its flexibility for phase contrast and fluorescence imaging with varíous objectives, its superior sensitivity with the latest generation low light CMOS-sensor, the automated cell culture analyses and the smart interface for storage and sharing of data makes it your everyday workhorse. No more dark room, and direct output to your network in publication quality.

Dedicated software modules let you quantify what you see by a touch of your finger on the big screen, and with a multitude of available sample holders and objectives there is hardly any daily microscopy task you will not master. 

Smart Cell Imager Cell Microscopy


On a small footprint the operation via a 17´- touchscreen offers a remarkably simple way to answer and document the daily questions you might have for your cell culture in a variety of applications.

Up to 4 fluorescence channels are available, and space for up top 6 objectives ranging from 4x to 100x. Sample holders can take microtiterplates as well as culture flasks, petri dishes, and slides.

Applications such an confluency, transfection efficiency, or cell counting are addressed by respective software modules and hence become extra quick and easy, simply "smart".

Well, everything you would do with a microscope, just a lot easier and faster.
And smarter, as you have the quantification software modules for confluency,
cell count, transfection efficiency, surface transfections, and cell measurements.


Light source: Interchangeable InCellis Fluorescent Light Modules
with Adjustable-intensity LED (>50,000-hour life per light cube)

Contrast methods: Transmitted light (brightfield and phase contrast)

Objective turret: 6-positions, front wheel control

Fluorescence channels: Motorized 4 fluorescent channels, software controlled

Condenser: Including 4 positions, with brightfield and phase-contrast annuli

Stage: Mechanical stage with X-Y axis fine-positioning controls,
Z axis fine and coarse adjustments, Interchangeable vessel holders available

LCD display: 17” high-resolution touch screen (1280x1024 pixels)
with adjustable tilt (waterproof, IP25 requirement)

Camera: Low Light colour CMOS Sensor, 1280x1024 pixels,
very low signal-to-noise ratio, read-out noise below 4e- without cooling,
Quantum efficiency >60% (80% for wavelenght >600 nm)

Exported formats: 24-bit colour TIFF or BMP / Movie: AVI

Output: 3 USB ports

Power supply: AC/DC 100-240 V, 100 W, 12 V, 8.33 A

Operating Power: 100-240 V, 1.5 A, 50/60 Hz

Operating environnement: 5-40°C, 20-95%


  • H: 635 mm
  • D: 420mm
  • W: 420mm
  • 24kg