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Celigo - every cell, every well
  • Whole well imaging and analysis
  • Bright field and fluorescence
  • Colony and plaque quantification
  • Single cell precision
  • Cell counting and cytometry gating
  • Fast, easy, precise, productive
  • Immuno-oncology, virology, etc.

Cytometric analyses of cell populations often require a lot of material, time, and effort when done in flow. Specifically with adherent cells it requires trypsination, and 3D-information is close to impossible to get. Celigo is a dedicated imaging system for cellular assay in flexible plate formats and eliminates these bottlenecks.

With its proprietary optical system it illuminates all wells up to the edges and does not miss a single cell, offering highly precise cellular assays in many areas of cell biology. The Celigo has become the workhorse in many cell labs and is now available in the new 5 channel version. 

With its speedy whole well read Celigo is particularly suited for the quantification of not just cells, but also larger structures such as plaques, spheroids, ecc. and adds efficiency to many cellular assays.

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Celigo Imaging Cytometer

Celigo® is a bench-top, micro-well plate based, bright field and fluorescent imaging system. The best-in-class bright field imaging capability, in combination with 4 fluorescence channels, provides high speed, fully automated imaging and quantification of suspension and adherent cells, tumor spheroids, or iPSC and cancer stem cell colonies within 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 384, 1536-well plates, T flasks, and slides.

Proprietary optics and scanning system enable fast imaging of the entire well, while maintaining consistent illumination and contrast out to the well edge, for accurate identification of all cells within each well.

With an intuitive software interface and optional integration into automation platforms, the Celigo provides labs with increased capabilities and enhances efficiency for many cellular assays.


It all follows the same principle. Cytometry based on images. Fast and efficient.

Application Flow Imaging Cytometer for Imaging Cytometry, Cell Imaging, Cell Count, Cellular Assays

Cell Counting
Adherent Cell Counting
Suspension Cell Counting
Fluorescent Cell Counting
Seahorse™ Data Normalization

Direct Cell Counting
Visualize All Cells
Using Gating Interface
Direct NK Cell Killing


3D Models
Growth Inhibition
Tumor Spheroid Viability
Quantify Invasion into Matrigel
Migration onto ECM
Tumorsphere Formation & Clonogenic Survival
EBs & PDOs
3D Confrontation Assay

Bright Field
Adherent Cell Growth Tracking
Suspension Cell Counting
Embryoid Bodies
Wound Healing


Cell Line Development
Single Colony Identification
Single Tumor Sphere Identification
Single Cell Per Well Verification

Wound Healing
Transwell Migration
Quantify Invasion into Matrigel
Measure Migration onto ECM

Fluorescent Assays
Cell Cycle
Viability/Cell Health
Internalization & Phagocytosis
Surface Proteins & Antibodies
Cell Secretion
Wound Healing


iPSC Reprogramming
Fibroblast Doubling
iPSC Colony Counting
Embryoid Body Formation
Immunostaining for Differentiation

Viral Titer
Plaques and Foci Counting
Viral Infection
Antibody Neutralization
Transduction Efficiency
Cytopathic Effect
CAR T Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity



  • Proprietary image acquisition and processing software
  • Powerful analysis software/Dell Precision computer
  • Windows 10


  • 1 LED-based enhanced brightfield imaging channel with uniform well illumination
  • 4 LED-based fluorescent channels
  • Proprietary F-theta lens with superior well edge-to-edge contrast
  • Galvanometric mirrors for fast imaging of large areas
  • Large chip CCD camera (2024 x 2024 pixels)
  • 1, 2, 4 or 8 μm/pixel resolution

Fluorescent Channels

Channel Excitation Dichroic Emission Typical Dyes
Blue 377/50 409 470/22 Hoechst, DAPI
Green 483/32 506 436/40 FITC, Calcein, GFP, AlexaFluor® 488
Red 531/40 593 629/53 R-PE, PI, Texas Red, AlexaFluor® 568
Far-Red 628/40 660 688/31 DRAQ5®, AlexaFluor® 647

Plate Compatibility

  • 6, 12, 24 48, 96, 384, 1536 well plates (black, white and clear wall plates)
  • T-25 and T-75 flasks
  • Slides and cell arrays plate profiles available upon request

High-Speed Imaging

  • Less than 2 minutes per 384-well plate

Weight and Dimensions

  • Dimensions: 19.5″W x 16″H x 24″D (49.5cm x 40cm x 61cm)
  • Weight: 117 lbs. (53 kg)

Power Requirements

  • 110-220 VAC 50-60 Hz

Regulatory Compliance

  • CE marking