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Cells are wonderful creatures and today´s microscopy techniques provide enormous power, adding speed, precision, and information for various cytometric approaches.

Modern cell microscopy comes in a variety of dedicated forms from simple microscopes to highly sophisticated confocal imagers. The term “Cytometry” just means “measuring cells”, and that’s what all our tools do. Depending on your specific needs our imaging cytometry portfolio offers complementary solutions from simple cell counts through label free time lapse experiments to 3D organoids or deep learning analyses. For more general information on why we like imaging cytometry see here.

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Which of these tools fits best with your needs, where is overlap in functionality, and how do you make the best of your budget? Cell biology is sophisticated, and so can the choice of the right imaging device be quite complex. Call our experts to discuss your specific applications and needs!

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Why use imaging cytometry?

The imaging cytometry approach comes with some quite tangible benefits with the various systems for various purposes we offer. So why not try „looking at cells“ ...


We´ve been working with Cenibra´s "looking at cells" technologies for a while now and have found that generating publication-grade imaging data has become a lot faster, very efficient and the analyses definitely more precise. Specifically, with Celigo and CQ1 we see a winning combination of complementary tools for our work with 2D and 3D cell culture models on both cellular and subcellular level.

— Claudia Stäubert
Research Group Leader, University Clinics, Leipzig

In our stem cell centre Celigo has established itself as one of the most important instruments for the analysis of stem cell culture assays as well as differentiated cell assays (e.g. cardiomyocytes). The analyses are accurate, time-saving and the images are of high quality. We are very satisfied and the service is unique. With the Cellometer we also use a very precise and efficient routine tool for daily cell counting.

— Jennifer C. Volz
Co-Head, IMBA Stem Cell Core Facility, Vienna

We like the CQ1 a lot, especially the speed of image acquisition and the possibility of simultaneous analysis. An immense plus for us is the great support we get from Cenibra, which was one of the main factors that convinced us to buy the device. We never experienced this kind of support with other devices before.

— Dr. Christina Fey
Project Manager Fraunhofer ISC

We have been working with CENIBRA for almost two years now and we can highly recommend working with them. The interaction with Michael and his colleagues is always very pleasant. The CQ1 enables us to generate very interesting data. This instrument is very reliable for long term live cell imaging and provides high quality images that can be analyzed to generate quantitative data. For us it is very important to know that we can count on CENIBRA whenever we need support not only with technical problems that may occur but also with specific image analysis questions.

— Dr. Eliana Stanganello
Head High Content (Live) Imaging and Cellular Dynamics (HCI-CD) TRON Mainz

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