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Cellaca MX HT Cell Counter
  • 100+ counts in a mere 10 min
  • Rearrange your workflows, boost your efficiency
  • Traditional trypan blue or extra-precise fluorescent staining
  • Incorporate robotics with API compatible instrument
  • Maintain cell integrity and minimize sample depletion during processing

High numbers of incoming samples can be challenging for those in charge of cell counting. Not talking about manual counting, even if you have a fancy Cellometer hundreds of samples in one go will make you cringe at first. 

The new Cellaca MX counts 24 samples 2.5 min with the known precision Nexcelom has provided for more than a decade. You can chose between the traditional trypan-blue method for cell viability (even faster), or you can employ the modern and extra-precise AOPI-fluorescence method, specifically for primary cells. The Cellaca is available in a bright field variety or with different fluorescence options, all models can be integrated with robotics for even more efficient cell quantification.

Re-think your workflows with the capacity of many hundreds of counts in an hour in an easy and convenient format. 

High-throughput Cell Counter Productpicture

Cellaca MX

With the new Cellaca MX High-throughput Automated Cell Counter you can now count up to 24 samples in 48 seconds using trypan blue or in 2.5 minutes with fluorescence.

Boost your workflow efficiency with Cellaca MX:

  • Batch samples in 24 well microplates for cell count and viability
  • Analyze cell lines or primary cells like PBMCs, T-cells and tumor digests
  • Maintain cell integrity and minimize sample depletion during processing
  • Incorporate robotics with API compatible instrument
  • No instrument fluidics to maintain
  • Small footprint, minimum bio-waste


Superfast Cell Count

Trypan Blue Viability

Dual Fluorescence Viability for Primary Cells

Cellular Assays with up to 4 Fluorescence Channels


Samples per Run: 24

Counting Speed per Sample: 2-17 sec (assay dependent)

Volume per Sample: 25-200 μL

Imaging Methods:

  • Brightfield
  • Trypan Blue
  • Fluorescence

Sample Types:

  • Cultured Cell Lines
  • Blood Samples
  • Primary Cell Samples
  • Digested Tissue Cells
  • Isolated and Purified Cells

Compatible Dyes and Fluorophores: Hoechst, DAPI, PE, APC, FITC, CFDA, Calcein AM, 7AAD

Excitation LED: 365, 470, 527 and 620 nm

Emission Filters (bandpass, center wavelength): 452, 534, 605, 655 and 692 nm

Plate Format: SBS Format

Automation Ready: Available API for Robotic Integration

Dimensions and Weight:

  • 13 in x 13 in x 16 in (33 cm x 33 cm x 41 cm)
  • 42 lb (19 kg)