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Telight Q-Phase

Quantitative Phase Imaging

  • Get unprecedented contrast in label free cell imaging
  • Gather information rich quantitative data, even in scattering media
  • Quantify subtle changes in cell dry mass
  • Elucidate biomechanics on the cellular level
  • Combine with fluorescence when needed

Q-Phase is a patented type of holographic microscope with high detection sensitivity

Q-Phase represents an ideal solution for experts who desire precise automated segmentation of individual cells for subsequent data analysis. Q-Phase easily transforms cell features and dynamics into numerical data ideal for comparisons, correlations, and more detailed statistics.

Telight Q-Phase

Q-Phase is a quantitative label-free live-cell imaging system - ideal if you desire reliable automated segmentation and analysis of cell behavior. It is a holographic microscope optimized for real-time monitoring of living cells with minimal phototoxicity. Q-Phase easily transforms cell features and dynamics into reliable data for your analysis and correlations.


Q-Phase was purposely designed to observe living cells in vitro for long-term several-day experiments. The system creates space for observation, automated, precise, and fast cell segmentation, and thanks to software specifically developed for Q-Phase also analysis – all steps in one system.



  • Microscope configuration: transmission inverted microscope
  • Microscopy techniques: holography (quantitative phase imaging), epifluorescence, simulated DIC, brightfield, high-pass filtered phase
  • Objectives: magnification 4× to 60×
  • Objective turret: 6-position, motorized exchange
  • Light source: LED
  • Operating wavelength: 660 nm
  • Sample stage: motorized, 130 mm × 90 mm travel range
  • Focusing: motorized objective turret, 8 mm travel range
  • Piezo-focusing: optional, travel range 500 μm
  • Lateral resolution: 4 μm with 4× NA 0.1 objective; 0.58 μm with 60× NA 1.4 objective
  • Field of view: objective and camera dependent, up to 1.48 mm × 1.48 mm with 4× objective
  • Acquisition framerate: 16 fps (higher framerates on request)
  • Reconstructed phase image size: 1200 × 1200 px
  • Illumination power at sample plane: down to 0.9 mW/cm2
  • Phase detection sensitivity: down to 0.011 rad
  • Power: 230 V/50 Hz (120 V/60 Hz optional), 1200 VA
  • Dimensions (W × L × H): 1100 mm × 950 mm × 1620 mm microscope with incubator, 2515 mm × 974 mm × 1620 mm total with operator table
  • Weight: 350 kg (including microscope table, fluorescence module and microscope incubator)
  • Field and aperture diaphragms
  • Side port available for fluorescence
  • Microscope table with anti-vibration suspension
  • Control panel with multifunctional touchscreen, sample stage joystick and rotary knobs
  • Microscope incubator with computer temperature setting and temperature data logging (optional)
  • Incubation chamber for precise and long-term controlof temperature, humidity and CO2 concentrations (optional) module or other additional techniques

Fluorescence Module

  • Light engines: Lumencor with 3 channels (optionally up to 5 channels)
  • Detectors: Andor Zyla 4.2 PLUS sCMOS (2048 px x 2048 px)
  • Filters: 3 multichannel filter cubes, motorized channel switching